Corporate Social Responsibility in Action


Hear What Our Sponsors Say

DocuPrint Solutions - Fred Luebke
"At DocuPrint Solutions we believe in giving back and we think that helping the Working Poor to become self-sufficient is a great way to help our community.  As an entrepreneur, and as someone who grew up in a household that once needed assistance, I find the Feed 4 for 4 business model to be very unique.  We feel like we are in partnership with them.  We help them help the Working Poor and they help us build our business by getting our name out to potential customers.  Any company that is looking for ways to help their community, build team spirit and brand their name should look into becoming a Sponsor for Feed 4 for 4."

Fennemore Craig Law - Sarah Strunk 
"It is now part of our DNA to want to reach out and help others in our community...when we learned about Feed 4 for 4's mission, we knew immediately that we wanted to get involved."

Precision Fleet Services - Dean Trostle
"At Precision Fleet Services, we believe in giving people a hand up, versus a handout.  Feed 4 for 4 is all about helping people help themselves to a better life.  That is what attracted us, and ultimately caused us, to become a Sponsor. The other thing that attracted us was the unique way that Feed 4 for 4 says, "Thank you" for our donation.  They promote our company throughout Arizona and help us get our name in front of millions of people.  This is a great way for us to help the community and build our company at the same time."